The #1 PPV Fan Choice for Firefighters
Why Choose a Hurricane Fan?
Durable - NO prop failure
Hurricane Fans has NEVER had a prop failure in the history of the company.

Fastest - Highest CFM
Hurricane Fans has the highest CFM –
it clears the smoke quicker.

Affordable & Sized Right
Hurricane Fans are the most affordable, highest quality PPV fans in the industry.

USA Built with Warranty
Hurricane Fans are built in Five Points, Alabama USA and are made to last.


Win PPV Fans For Your Fire Department!


Quality, Safety and Speed make Hurricane Fans, Inc. the #1 choice for PPV Fan for firefighters.

PPV fans are primarily used for a fire operational tactic called Positive Pressure Ventilation. Durability and safety as key factors and we take pride in the fact that our fans are all custom fabricated and built in Five Points, Alabama USA. We build them with stainless steel for extreme duty service. Our props are custom made from the highest quality laminated maple (aircraft grade) for endurance. We can proudly say that we have NEVER had a prop failure.